Current Newsletter

September 2020

Hi Everyone!!

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?  I am hoping you are all well and surviving this
new way of life. I personally am having trouble with the masks - my ears keep
folding forward.. HA! (Maybe it’s that my nose is actually too big!) There was a
picture of a glass half full of ginger ale on Facebook and the caption read: 
Optimist - the glass is half full, Pessimist - the glass is half empty, 2020 - Is that Pee??
I do have some good news. The website is finally up and just wait until you
see the job that Paula and Dottie are doing!! There is still inventory to post but
most of it is there. We are giving a site-wide 10% discount Monday, Labor Day,
from 11-4.  You can opt  to pick it up at the shop, but you must pay online after
you have indicated shop pick-up. We are hoping this takes you to the website
for a look–see. Your orders can also be shipped, and the discount will be taken
automatically. Here is a link!
Local Yarn Shop Day which was postponed from last spring is now scheduled for September 12.  We will be open that Saturday from 11-4, featuring lovely yarnsdyed especially for the day.  Wonderland Yarns sent some gorgeous colors. Baah also sent skeins especially for the day. Just a few to mention. Paula King, the designer and owner of KraziKnitz Designs, will be at the shop to hand out free patterns and feature some of her designs.
Slowly but surely, we will start classes.  Barbara has been a trouper taking help
appointments on Mondays and teaching.  Eddie is bringing back her popular
mistakes class. Call the shop for more info.  She has just returned from seeing
her grandson in Maryland so we have not set the time or date yet.  When our team members feel safer, I am hoping to be open more days. For now, it is just Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11-4.  Please feel free to call and order things you need, we are sending packages out daily. You can also order online. I will keep you posted about schedules and classes.
All I can say is we miss all of you. It feels so strange not having you lovely ladies (and men too) sitting at the table. Please feel free to come and shop. We still must wear masks but hopefully that will change soon!  Hard to have coffee, tea and of course, chocolates, with them on!!
Take care of yourselves and remember, this too shall pass!  Soon we can all be together again sitting around the table exaggerating life!