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Written By Dottie Akridge

Weaving lives together is the loveliest of ideas to me.

The phrase “it takes a village” is something that is, without a doubt, true though it’s been made almost trivial by overuse. We are hard-wired to seek out others; at different times in our lives we look for those who will listen, understand, and care. We seek out those who will teach us and prepare us for the next steps. We treasure a place where conversation reminds us that our problems are all the same and where the common joys—selling a home, recovering from an illness, finishing a project—are celebrated as if they are red letter days! Recognizing commonalities and appreciating differences leads to friendships formed around the tables where we gather. It takes EACH of us. We weave together a community!

As community we come together to learn new skills, to pass along things we’ve mastered, or to simply be in the company of the familiar. If we do it well, we encourage others to come take a seat at the table, so that they too will feel welcomed by strangers who will become friends.

I know what finding this community has meant to me. I’ve found peace in my darkest hour. I’ve made friends who are dear to me. I’ve laughed and cried with others. I hope you will find your community among us. We have been making a space for you!